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You have no idea how excited I am to be writing this blog post today, and if you’re reading this, I hope that means you’re excited to find out more about our exciting new journey and how you can be a part of it too.

This has been a long time in the making and being honest with you I never really knew when to start officially making changes, but I’m beginning to make progress in the development of The Makers Nook UK, and I feel like now is the time to start making changes to make this dream a reality.

So you may or may not know but I’ve been working on a little side project for a while now and trying to work out the details of what I want to achieve with this and last year I actually got in contact with The Princes Trust to help steer me in the right direction and get guidance on how to bring my vision to life and I’d like to think it’s going really well so far.

I’m at that point now where It’s getting to the serious stuff which has made me think maybe it’s about time, I start to share with you exactly what changes we are making, what I am currently working on and how you can be a part of it.


What changes are being made?

Jorjani will still be running as normal, but as we are partnering with The Makers Nook UK you may notice some slight branding changes and so forth on the website and social media.

But the biggest change will be to where your money goes when you shop with us. All profits made from Jorjani will now be donated to The Makers Nook to help develop this project being bought to life as well as helping to sustain it in the future. So when you shop small with us in the future not only will you be supporting Jorjani you will also be helping me support the project and those taking part in our free and affordable services.


What is The Makers Nook UK going to be?

The Makers Nook is going to be a creative community locally but will also be accessible to all online also. Championing the power of creating and the ability it has to benefit our mental health and bring us all together to fight social isolation. To do this we will be offering free and affordable services accessible via online as well as in person with a permanent walk-in creative space, social clubs, a free online community as well as an online community and so much more.

We will need to raise regular funds, to sustain this project which is why we will also be offering paid for services too like workshops and a subscription based membership which will be for a paid for community offering similar support via online services (more information on this coming soon)…


How can I help support this project?

Right now we’re in the early stages of setting up so it’s important that we start trying to find funds to help give this project the best possible start to success. Not everyone has the funds to be able to help so simply spreading the word makes just as big an impact and we appreciate it more than you’d ever know. If you do have some spare pennies and would love to help, then there are a few ways in which you could:

  • Shop with Jorjani Home & Gifts here – By shopping with Jorjani you get to treat yourself or buy gifts for others for those special occasions and all the profits we make on your order will go straight to The Makers Nook fund to help bring the project to life so if you’d like to receive something for your donation this may be the best way for you.
  • Subscribe to our Patreon – We will soon be opening a creative community on Patreon where no matter at what stage of your creative journey your on beginner, hobbyist or small business owner you’ll be able to join a community of likeminded creatives and learn, create and take part in group sessions or even have a go at our Monthly challenge for FREE where you could win a gift card to spend at Jorjani Home & Gifts. Also dependent on the tier you choose you could receive some freebies too.
  • Donate to our Crowdfunder – We have plans for a potential Crowdfunder you know just in case with everything we are doing we don’t make enough, but we’re trying to be positive, so this is a just in case if you follow our socials or are subscribed to our mailing list you’ll be updated if we do though.
  • Share! Share! Share! – I cannot stress enough how important word of mouth is, especially as a community based project your support and faith in my vision is just as important as any monetary donation so if you can share our posts, stories, products even events we’re attending because it all leads people back to us and if we can get more and more people interesting in joining this little community we have more chance of making The Makers Nook UK a success and helping more and more people which at the end of the day is all I want.

I am so gratefully for every single bit of love and support we’ve received since announcing our project and I would love for you to be a part of our exciting new creative community so make sure you follow our social media accounts @jorjanihomeandgifts and @themakersnookuk to keep up to date with all that’s going on and all the exciting things that are happening or even subscribe to our mailing list at the bottom of the page.

Hopefully this is the start of something beautiful and I cannot wait to bring this project to life and share it with you.


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